Hard Work: How to Successfully Achieve Your Personal Goals

The third item from the Leadership Principles/Skills Outline was Hard Work.

There are a million ways to define and/or discuss the topic of ‘Hard Work’. This blog is dedicated to leadership and continuing (higher) education both of which require significant effort to succeed at either one (I believe that they are interwoven topics). In this article, I am going to discuss both of them to some degree. Whenever you are embarking on a difficult task, especially one that has the potential to make you want to quit, you always need to keep the end result of your efforts clearly in focus. I am currently 8 weeks away from earning my Master’s Degree; when I was working towards my Bachelor’s degree there were a few times, especially in the beginning, that I wanted to quit because of the overwhelming amount of dedication and Hard Work that was required to be successful. I have a friend who is an avid solo hiker; his ultimate goal (on his bucket list) is to hike the Appalachian Trail; I have heard him say several times that many people who attempt it ultimately give up because they aren’t mentally prepared for the task at hand. Learning to be an effective leader and/or completing the next level of your education will require you to dedicate yourself in a manner that will, for some, be the hardest thing that they have ever attempted. Do not be discouraged, many people have come along before you and have made it through the exact same thing that you are attempting to do (unless you are setting a new standard or starting a new trend!).

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you discouraged because of the steep requirements that you are facing in regards to your trek towards being an effective leader and/or attaining a higher level of education?

Do not be discouraged, do not fear. Dig deep into your inner-self and tell yourself that you are going to rise up and conquer the goal that you want to complete. Do not accept anything but success. When you are faced with difficult and time-consuming tasks (trust me you will!) batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. The storm will pass, you will overcome the hurdles; in the end, you will be a much stronger individual with a renewed outlook on the rest of your trek.

How do I know these things to be true? I know because I have lived them for the past decade.

If you have specific questions, issues, etc. regarding this topic, please post your questions in the comment section and I will gladly offer suggestions and/or resources for you to dig into. I want you to succeed. Your contributions matter, regardless of where you currently fit into society.

Are you prepared for the path that lies ahead?



Isaiah 41-10_ESV

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