Leadership: The Importance of Making Decisions Part II – A Real World Example That I Recently Witnessed First Hand

My last post was about the importance of decision making. A couple of days after posting it I was in a meeting with some high ranking members of my organization. The topic was a difficult one. Everyone in attendance had to testify to what they had become aware of in regards to a sensitive situation (sorry, I have to be vague!). The bottom line is that I witnessed a pair of leaders asking all of the right questions in a very kind, but serious manner. They each took a moment to process the information and immediately made their decision. I am in complete agreement with their decision while also being very surprised that they came to the conclusion that they did. I immediately thought to myself “now that is a great example of leadership” (I also knew that I had to write about it!). I can’t discuss the details, but trust me, what those two individuals decided to do required courage, confidence, and personal inner-strength that many people simply do not possess. Each time I witness moments like this I grow into a stronger leader because I take the time to carefully ponder what I experienced. I also have a personal desire to continually learn more about the “science” of leadership while also learning the “art” of utilizing it in all areas of my life (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy, 2012). I already respected these individuals; it increased after that meeting.

I would like to hear about some of your personal experiences when you witnessed someone demonstrate leadership in a manner that had an positive impact upon you.




Hughes, R. J., Ginnett, R. C., & Curphy, G. J. (2012). Leadership Enhancing the Lessons of Experience – Seventh Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill / Irwin.


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