The Aftermath

After completing my Master’s Degree in Management with a focus in Leadership in February of 2016, I decided to take a nice break from writing (excluding the daily writing that I do as part of my job).  After 9 years of college (with a few short breaks), I needed some time to be free of this keyboard and its associated peripherals.  I decided to start blogging again in July (which I almost missed).  Life is quite different now without assignments, time away from my family, and the generalized stress that comes from being in school while also doing life on many different levels.  I decided to call this entry “The Aftermath” because I am in a new realm of life where college is finally behind me.  I also decided to utilize such a title because of the continual unraveling of our great nation, the United States of America, a place that I hold near and dear to my heart that is suffering through a socioeconomic struggle of epic proportions.  We are at a point in our history where a continuation of our current path will lead to our end.  Divided we will fall, only united can we stand.  There are a plethora of problems with our great nation that run deep into the psyche of our many different people-groups that reside within our borders.  We are currently living in a leaderless society that is plagued with political correctness and ever-growing threats of violence from within our own borders, not to mention the extremists that have infiltrated our sovereign land.  I am one of many who has the luxury, only because it was given to me, to live in history, but to be somewhat outside of current events because of the personal relationship that I have with the Creator of this Universe, my personal Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Jesus called upon me to be one of His disciples during an extremely dark time in my life.  I have since grown stronger each day because I accepted Him and regularly submit to Him.  He extends me endless grace that I definitely need because of my inherently sinful nature that was passed down to me from the first man, Adam.  Each day, I enrich my soul with God’s Word (I prefer the ESV).  I also pray for forgiveness of my sins as well as for my personal needs and the needs of those around me.  God can do all things and I can do all things through Christ (that is from Philippians 4:13).  There are so many lost souls in this world, many of which are constantly searching for inner-peace in places that they will never find it.  Many of those people resort to all types of magic, energy, and other entities that offer false hope.  One of the largest road blocks to people accepting that they were in fact created by intelligent design by God is their personal pride and arrogance.  Many people believe that they are intelligent enough, or follow those that they perceive to be, that they have actually figured out how the world was formed and how it all works together.  God is real; as is His Son, Jesus Christ…and…Christians who have accepted Christ are actually filled with the Holy Spirit (the third member of the Trinity).  God reveals Himself to those who accept Him; He opens their eyes to His truth in ways that would dazzle the most talented, intelligent human that rejects who God is.  I feel so blessed to be able to rest in the arms of my Lord and Saviour, knowing that He is with me, guides me, protects me, teaches me, and makes straight my crooked ways.  Why would anyone reject such overwhelming love, mercy, and peace?  It saddens me to see so many people who are destined to be in a place devoid of God, a place that was not meant for humans, but because of the fall of man through the original sin of Adam, many people who have rejected God will reside in an unspeakable place where they will be tormented for eternity.  Do you fit into this category?  Are you one who has serious doubts about the existence of Jesus Christ?  Do you doubt that you were created by Him?  Do you doubt that He loves you?  Are you under stress, sadness, depression, anxiety, addiction, etc.?  Do you want some peace in your life?  Do you want to be forgiven for all of the sins that you have committed in your life, especially the sins that you have committed when you are alone?

Humble yourself, cry out to God and ask Him to reveal Himself to you.  Beg Him to forgive you for your sins.  He will not fail you.  If you don’t believe that He exists, then why are you afraid of seeking Him?

God has given me an unwavering compassion for all people, regardless of their background, skin tone, ethnic origin, etc.  As a Christian, who works directly for Jesus Christ, I humbly ask that you seek Him with a sincere heart.

I pray that the final ending, the real Aftermath, of the current events in our society and that of the others that are struggling around the world, is that God is once again accepted by the majority.  Without Jesus, there will be no peace…ever.  The dark forces that are at work in this world will continue to work against anything that even resembles peace.  I only know these truths because they have been revealed to me through my relationship with Jesus Christ.

God Bless,


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