Jack of all Trades, Master of Some – DukeNet7 @ www.Etsy.com

Throughout my time on this planet, I have learned how to do many things (my dad taught me tons of different things when I was growing up…I am passing my knowledge down to my kids…its great fun to see them learn).  I am a proud member of the global DIY community!  Now that college is behind me (refer to my last post “The Aftermath” for more information), I have decided to pursue a lifelong dream of having my own side business.  After doing some online research, I decided to utilize the www.Etsy.com platform for my online storefront.  At this point I am offering editing, proofreading, writing services, and some custom made wooden benches (I have made three for our household).  I am preparing to add several custom paracord items (all of which are made to order).

Please take a moment to look at my store (link below) and feel free to check back regularly for updates.




Everyone needs of of these…right?



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