A Corporate Infection: Conspiracy Theory and Lack of Trust

Within the corporate world there is an infection that needs to be stamped out once and for all.  There are people, who are supposed to be effectively leading others, who don’t trust anyone who do not report directly to them (i.e. people that they can control and/or influence).  These individuals have utterly failed their organization on a grand scale that has had a terrible impact upon everyone who works (or once worked for…) them.  Their inability to trust others has toppled over into a downward spiraling mental state where everyone is the enemy; they think that people are constantly posturing for power and/or position.  Every detail that any of these ‘enemies’ speaks or writes is highly scrutinized for any content that they can find to confirm to themselves that their conspiracy theories are correct.  They constantly live in fear that another department may acquire some of their employees.  They are so consumed with these thoughts that they are unable to make reasonable decisions.  All of their decisions are made purely based on their desire to maintain control over their current staff…even if those decisions have a negative impact upon the organization.  Anyone around them who interacts with them is very aware of this extremely unhealthy mindset which is evident though their spoken and/or written correspondence; everything is laced with protectionism.  They are also highly defensive, especially when any topic arises that touches on any of these areas.  Their portion of the organization is falling apart.  People want to leave; those who did leave are much happier and don’t ever want to come back.  There is a saying about people who hold on to things too tight…they eventually crush them and lose everything.

If you are suffering from this infectious pattern of thinking, please take some time to deeply reflect upon your thoughts and actions.  Take some time to consider who your friends really are based purely upon facts, not on the recurring thoughts that are impacting every decision that you make.  You must learn to be a team player.  You must learn to reach out to other departments and collaborate with others.  You must learn to trust people.  You must learn to make decisions in a timely manner.  If you choose to stay on your present course, expect more things to crumble around you.  If you are reading this and suffer from this, you know exactly what I am talking about.  Please change…before it’s too late…



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