Continuing Education: Have You Started Yet?

It’s really simple to sit back and let your life effortlessly pass you by.  I am amazed at how many very intelligent and capable people choose things to do with their time besides increasing their level of higher education (yes, I am talking to you…).  Perhaps they don’t think that they can do it because it may take too much of their time or it will cost too much…perhaps they haven’t ever considered what it could mean for their way of life…i.e. career.  Unless you are independently wealthy or happen to be a very close relative of someone who is, you have to work for a living if you want anything of your own.  I’m quite aware of what the government has to offer, but that will leave you quite empty because it doesn’t require you to become a contributing member of society.  The majority of humans actually benefit from contributing to society in some form or another.  It fulfils an inner-desire that we are born with; everyone, deep down, wants to be part of something bigger than they are.  I firmly believe that there are a huge number of untapped geniuses within society that are probably sitting somewhere passing their time with something that is just that…something to pass the time.  If just a small percentage of those people realized their potential, our society as a whole would be much improved.  Education is an extremely important part of any modern society that is based upon the rule of law, compassion for others regardless of their race, ethnic origin, religion, etc., and one that empowers its people to rise up and become well-educated contributing members.

If you are able to read this post you are excluded from the 32 million United States citizens who can’t read.  Perhaps you will decide to pursue a college degree that will one day enable you to reduce that number by your direct contribution to society.

Don’t let anyone hold you back from achieving your full potential; you can do anything that you dedicate your heart, soul, and mind to.  Don’t waste another day: read, research, and start your journey.  You will look back and not regret one moment of it.  That does not mean it will be easy and that does not mean you will not get discouraged.  I have been there, deep in the trenches, and felt helpless, but I didn’t give up.  The end result was far greater than I could have ever imagined.  I will never stop learning until the day my life comes to an end.  Yours should be the same.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. PH 4:13 (KJ 2000)



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