Leadership: Where Is Your Heart? – Part I

There isn’t a day that passes by in your life where you are not required to make a decision of some sort.  Whether you are running a Fortune 500 company or you are a homemaker; you are faced with decisions.  Those decisions impact not only yourself, but those around you…in many cases individuals who are close to you.

Where is your heart at this present time?

Are you overly self-centered like many individuals in our modern Western culture or are you a selfless individual who has a servant’s heart?

Regardless of your current place within society, you will find much more peace and tranquility if you are the latter half of the last question…an individual with a servant’s heart that strives to live a selfless life.  There are many people who work hard for their piece of the American dream with a very self-centered approach that enables them to step on others, lie, cheat, steal, fabricate, manipulate, plagiarize, and other similar negative actions to get what they want in life.  On the outside, these people may seem happy and successful, but inwardly they are sad, depressed, low self-esteem individuals who have to continue to pile up their material and financial gains to keep themselves occupied just enough to keep their mind off who they really are.  If they stop and let it all sink in, their conscience will consume them because they will realize how many selfish decisions that they have made for a bunch of perishable items that will eventually disintegrate back into their original raw materials…ultimately being consumed by our planet (that was a nice way of saying the items will eventually find their way to the garbage dump).  On top of that, they are leaving behind a legacy of greed and self-centeredness that will not be looked upon favorably through the prism of history.  Effective leaders are humble, selfless individuals who have great integrity.  Their hearts are filled with compassion, high moral standards, and an endless desire to serve others, regardless of their place, position, financial status, social status, etc.  The selfless leader sees everyone as someone in need…and when they are called upon to act, they do so without hesitation or regret.  They are at peace with their surroundings, no matter how great or small.  They will be remembered as individuals in a very different manner than their aforementioned opposites.

Which one are you?

Are you willing to change?

How can you serve others versus serving yourself?

Do you have the courage to make this change?

It is easy to be selfish, but it takes strength to be selfless…



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