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I recently made several changes to my Etsy store.  I added a new section of downloadable prints that I categorized as ‘Christian Logic’.

What is ‘Christian Logic’?

‘Christian Logic’ are short statements that I write which reflect the impact that Jesus (and Christianity) has had upon my life.  I don’t use any direct bible quotes within the Christian Logic (however there are a few in my printable chalkboard section); each statement is based upon a biblical truth that I have learned and/or experienced.  Others are based upon truths that I have learned through my personal relationship with Christ.

Where do I get these ideas from (‘Christian Logic’)?

Being part of a healthy church has had a huge impact upon my Christian walk.  My family and I attend First Baptist Suffolk where I play that guitar as part of the worship team.  The corporate worship is awesome, but I learn the most from attending Sunday School (my teacher’s blog is here) and by attending the Wednesday night classes that are offered on a seasonal basis.  I am about to start one that is teaching about the book of Revelation.  I can’t wait!  If you live in the area and are looking for a church to call your own, please come visit.

Other Items on Etsy…

I also have other items on Etsy such as printable chalkboard art and a few custom paracord items that I create upon request.  Thus far, the paracord zipper pulls have been the most popular item.  I also joined Pinterest and created some boards that link back to my Etsy page.  This venture is yet another facet of my explorations into the WWW.  Etsy is an amazing platform that allows people to create all types of crafts, art, etc. for sale to the world.  If you are not familiar with Etsy, I highly recommend that you have a look at it.

Here is an example of my ‘Christian Logic’ (watermarked):


'Christian Logic': Don't let this world drag you down, you are loved by the Crucified One

‘Christian Logic’ Example

Here are the links to my pages:



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