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Battlefield 2: Extreme Operations Mod with Karkand Night Ops

[Ranger] Extreme Operations Mod

Battlefield 2 is one of my all time favorite games.  I recently completed a new Mod for BF2 called “Extreme Operations”.  It features a night version of Strike at Karkand “Night Ops” as well as several extreme weapons mods for the US SEAL team.  It is primarily meant to be a Single Player or Co-op mod.  The M1A1 tank and LAV both have some pretty high rates of automatic fire that make it really fun to play.  This BF2 Mod definitely doesn’t meet any ‘realism’ standards’…it is just pure fun!  Download Here

Strike at Karkand – Night Ops

I always wanted to play Strike at Karkand in night mode.  Anyone who has played the AIX2 mod for BF2 has surely played Karkand Stormfront, which is a really cool night version of Karkand with ‘stormy’ weather effects.  I created the the Strike at Karkand – Night Ops map by using the configuration from the  BF2 Special Forces – Night Flight map.  I added the coding to enable the night vision goggles to work.  When I was investigating this modification, I was surprised to find that adding the night vision googles to the kit wasn’t the only step to making it work; you have to also add it to the map configuration.

M1A1 Abrams and LAV – Extremely High Rates of Fire!

When you enter into the M1A1 Abrams or the LAV you will think your firing a mini-gun when you fire the main gun or the rocket launcher (on the LAV).  I kept increasing the fire rates until the game crashed, then backed off.  I also made the hand held US anti-tank missile full automatic with 100 rounds per reload.  You can destroy the enemy assets with the hand held rocket launcher (or the Abrams…or the LAV!).  This mod is just for fun.  It clearly is as far from the BF2 mods that are dedicated to realism.  This mod is just for pure carnage.  The bots have zero chance of survival.

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Got BF2Hub?

In order to play BF2, assuming you have a copy of the game, you will need to go the BF2Hub and follow the instructions on how get back into this classic game.  BF2Hub can be accessed by Clicking Here.



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