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[Ranger] Extreme Operations Mod

Battlefield 2 is one of my all time favorite games.  I recently completed a new Mod for BF2 called “Extreme Operations”.  It features a night version of Strike at Karkand “Night Ops” as well as several extreme weapons mods for the US SEAL team.  It is primarily meant to be a Single Player or Co-op mod.  The M1A1 tank and LAV both have some pretty high rates of automatic fire that make it really fun to play.  This BF2 Mod definitely doesn’t meet any ‘realism’ standards’…it is just pure fun!  Download Here

-[Ranger]_Sgt_Duke, 10-11-2018

[Ranger] Sniper Mod

I created this mod several years ago and recently ‘revived’ it.  It is all about sniping in BF2.  The Sniper, Spec-Ops, and Assault all have the same kit with different weapons.  The Medic, Anti-tank, and Support all have Sniper rifles with their usual kit.  That allows for people to be healed/revived, vehicles to be destroyed, and ammunition to be replenished.  All pistols are silenced.  All Sniper rifles are 1 shot 1 kill regardless of the hit-box location.  All pistols inflict 50% damage to ensure that a double-tap scores a kill.  Enjoy!  Download Here

-[Ranger]_Sgt_Duke, 10-13-2018

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