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Battlefield 2

[Ranger] Extreme Operations Mod

Battlefield 2 is one of my all time favorite games.  I recently completed a new Mod for BF2 called “Extreme Operations”.  It features a night version of Strike at Karkand “Night Ops” as well as several extreme weapons mods for the US SEAL team.  It is primarily meant to be a Single Player or Co-op mod.  The M1A1 tank and LAV both have some pretty high rates of automatic fire that make it really fun to play.  This BF2 Mod definitely doesn’t meet any ‘realism’ standards’…it is just pure fun!

-[Ranger]_Sgt_Duke, 10-11-2018

This is the “menu_loggedin” video from my “Extreme Operations” Mod.

You can download a copy of the Battlefield 2 Extreme Operations Mod by clicking the link below.

Click Here to Start your Download

Mod Installation Instructions:

After downloading the *.zip file, unzip it to a location of your choosing.  Once it is ‘unzipped’ into a known location, ‘cut’ it and ‘paste’ it into your Battlefield 2/mods directory.  The directory structure will look like this when you have it in the correct location:  Battlefield 2/mods/ranger_sf

To create a shortcut to the mod, make a copy of your existing BF2 shortcut and rename the new shortcut “BF2 Extreme Operations”.  Next, ‘right-click’ on the shortcut you just created and select ‘properties’.  Add this to the end of the ‘Target’ path: +modPath mods/ranger_sf

Click Apply and start it up.  If you are unable to get the shortcut to work, you can select the “Community” button within the BF2 menu and select the “[Ranger] Extreme Operations” mod.