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Battlefield 2

[Ranger] Sniper Mod

I created this mod several years ago and recently ‘revived’ it.  It is all about sniping in BF2.  The Sniper, Spec-Ops, and Assault all have the same kit with different weapons.  The Medic, Anti-tank, and Support all have Sniper rifles with their usual kit.  That allows for people to be healed/revived, vehicles to be destroyed, and ammunition to be replenished.  All pistols are silenced.  All Sniper rifles are 1 shot 1 kill regardless of the hit-box location.  All pistols inflict 50% damage to ensure that a double-tap scores a kill.  Enjoy!

-[Ranger]_Sgt_Duke, 10-13-2018

This is the “menu_loggedin” video from my Sniper Mod.

You can download a copy of the Battlefield 2 Sniper Mod by clicking the link below.

Click Here to Start your Download

Mod Installation Instructions:

After downloading the *.zip file, unzip it to a location of your choosing.  Once it is ‘unzipped’ into a known location, ‘cut’ it and ‘paste’ it into your Battlefield 2/mods directory.  The directory structure will look like this when you have it in the correct location:  Battlefield 2/mods/ranger_sniper

To create a shortcut to the mod, make a copy of your existing BF2 shortcut and rename the new shortcut “BF2 [Ranger] Sniper Mod”.  Next, ‘right-click’ on the shortcut you just created and select ‘properties’.  Add this to the end of the ‘Target’ path: +modPath mods/ranger_sniper

Click Apply and start it up.  If you are unable to get the shortcut to work, you can select the “Community” button within the BF2 menu and select the “[Ranger] Sniper” mod.