The Tape Measure

Besides a cordless drill, a saw, a carpenter’s pencil, and a piece of wood, one of the most vital tools that must reside in every carpenters toolbox is a tape measure.  Do not think for one moment that they are all created equal; they most certainly are NOT.  Over the years, I have owned several different different tape measures, but two of them stand out WAY above the rest.  The first one on my list is my Stanley Tools 25 foot “FatMax”.  The FatMax lends a hand when you don’t have another person to help you because it will stand straight out several feet.  My other favorite tape measure is a Klein 25′.  Before entering into the world of management, I worked as an Instrumentation Technician (it’s in the industrial electrical realm).  I was given a nice set of Klein tools, one of which was this tape measure.  It has lasted several years and gets used just as much as the Stanley FatMax.

Why Two?

Each of these tape measures has a different feel.  I can’t write a definitive list of when I specifically use one or the other, but I can tell you that they are both sitting on my workbench.  I grab whichever one suits the particular occasion.  You’ve probably heard the joke about never having enough tools.  I am not in that camp; I’d rather have the correct tools for each job and not have anything useless.

Decision Time

Which tape measure will you go with?  The Klein?  The Stanley FatMax?

I’d like to hear your choices (both perhaps).  If you have questions or perhaps you want to me to write a post about a specific topic, please let me know in the comment section below.

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The Tools:

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