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John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System Review

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Affiliate Marketing is a hot topic right now.  Tons of people across the internet are searching for ways to make income while working from home; others just want to generate a secondary income.  The common factor among these people is that they come from a diversity of backgrounds and professions.  That last word is an important one…professions.  If you searched Google for terms like “work from home jobs” or “real work from home jobs”, you’re quite aware that there are zillions of search results.  The question is where do you start?  Who can you trust?  After years of researching this topic, I finally found an answer…a REAL answer.  Enter John Crestani and his Super Affiliate System.  Mr. Crestani is a marketing genius who decided long ago that he was going to master the art of working from home via his computer.  He knew there was great freedom in a job of this type, but he also knew it would take determination, drive, and an attitude that constantly tells you to not quit until you have reached your goal.  The amazing fact about John, is that he not only succeeded, but he decided to share his knowledge with the entire world.  As you’re well aware, nothing of great value is free.  John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System isn’t free, but it is worth every penny.

Affiliate Marketing Expert

According to an article that was featured in Forbes several years ago (Click Here To Check It Out For Yourself), John Crestani isn’t a scammer, he’s a legitimate affiliate marketing expert who decided to help others succeed by teaching them his personal methodology.  There is currently about 70 Google searches per month about “John Crestani Scam” which is good and bad.  The good is that it is a low number of searches, the bad is that people are still checking to see if this man and his program are legitimate (I get it, everyone doesn’t read Forbes…).  I understand the initial reactions of many people who are seeking knowledge in the Affiliate Marketing arena.  Perhaps they have been actually scammed by other sites promising the world, but delivering nothing but a withdrawal from their bank accounts.  This program is as real as them come.

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Reading and research are the cornerstones of learning valuable information.  You must take the necessary time to learn your trade in order for you to reach your goal.”


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What Is the Super Affiliate System?

I’ll get to that in a moment, but first let’s answer another important question.

Do I need the Super Affiliate System to be successful at Affiliate Marketing?

If I sat here and told you that YES, you must have this training course to be successful and that there is NO other way….you would immediately stop reading this and move on (i.e. bounce off this webpage!).  I wouldn’t blame you either.  There is nothing in this arena that can be considered “the only path forward“, but there are some paths forward that will lead your right off of a cliff.  This particular training course is extremely thorough and unique in its depth.  Not only is it deep, but it is also structured to educate a user who has ZERO previous marketing experience and especially ZERO Affiliate Marketing experience (those two criteria cover pretty much everyone who isn’t already skilled in this area).

Back to the original question: “What is the Super Affiliate System?”

First of all, let’s cover the two different portions of training that are offered by John Crestani.  The first part, is called the Internet Jetset.  This training is focused on Affiliate Marketing that is solely accomplished via Free Traffic Sources.  Yes, you can make some income using this training, but you’ll reach a point where more information is required to achieve true financial freedom…which is what we’re all after…right?  Okay, finally, to answer the original question, the Super Affiliate System teaches its students how to generate income (lots of income…that is…) by using Paid Traffic Sources.  You will learn how to properly leverage them to build up your own Affiliate Marketing business in your area of expertise (remember the importance of “profession” I emphasized earlier?).  Once your learn these extremely valuable skills, your personal expertise or niche will prove itself to be more valuable that you can possibly imagine.  Please Note:  when you purchase the Super Affiliate System, the Internet Jetset comes along with it.  We might as well discuss these important details.  As of the writing of this post the Internet Jetset is currently priced at $47 per month and the Super Affiliate Training is $997 (one time fee).  For some people reading this that may seem very steep, but its far less than a portion of one college class at any notable University (been there done that, still paying off the college loans!).  Let’s discuss what is covered for $997…


Everything of TRUE value comes with a price; you must decide to take the first step after understanding the facts.


Super Affiliate System Training Course Overview

Over an 8 week period, you will consume 50 hours of content combined with additional resources (they are outlined at the end of this section) that will ensure that you are completely competent in deploying Paid Traffic Sources.

Week 1 – System Setup

In the first week, you’ll learn the information needed to setup the vital elements of your future EMPIRE which includes the following:

  1. Your website
  2. Your presell webpage
  3. Facebook Ads

As you’re probably already aware, Affiliate Marketing, requires a website (a correctly formatted and optimized one).  This information is critical to your success as an Affiliate Marketer.

Week 2 – Understanding The System

During this week, you will take a deep dive into the overall strategies involved in Affiliate Marketing as well as the Mindset that you must acquire.  The basics of business and marketing are essential to ensure your overall success.  Without a clear understanding of these principles, you may veer off this important path that you have decided to travel down.  In time, you will become your own “Super Affiliate”.  Perhaps you’ll even wear a cape as you work from the comfort of wherever and whenever you choose!

Week 3 – Marketing Skills

If you’re new to the Marketing world, you may not be aware of the importance of copywriting.  The ability to create a good copy is critical within the Marketing world as well as your ability to optimize the Ads that you create.  After this week of training is over, you’ll possess this highly sought-after knowledge.

Week 4 – Facebook and Google Ads

You’ve probably seen thousands of them, Facebook and Google Ads, but have you ever created one?  If so, was it successful?  Within this week of training, you’ll learn the insider secrets of how to create successful content using the tools that are provided by Facebook and Google Adwords within their guidelines (which is important to understand!).  Did you know that on average, the marketing world is currently spending more than 2 Billion (yes with a “B”) per month on advertisements on these two huge platforms.  No wonder they can do anything they want at anytime!

Week 5 – Native and YouTube Ads

I’ll assume, unless you are a YouTube Red subscriber, that you’ve seen several advertisements on YouTube.  Besides learning how to deploy ads on YouTube, you’ll learn how to successfully deploy what is referred to as “native advertising”.  Native advertising are ads that an individual pays for that inserted into the media being displayed on a given webpage.

Week 6 – Scaling and Outsourcing

Are you familiar with the term “automation”.  The most common reference to automation is probably the term “auto pilot” which, as you’re probably well aware, allows a airplane to fly by itself without pilot intervention.  This portion of the training will teach you how to put your Affiliate Marketing empire on auto pilot.  As you grow your business, it will become very apparent to you that learning to automate as many tasks as possible is necessary to grow your business into a Super Affiliate business.  At this stage, you may need that cape I mentioned earlier…

Week 7 – More Ad Campaigns

Besides the giants we refer to as Google and Facebook, there are other very important advertising platforms that are vital to the continued success of your Affiliate Marketing business (your Empire!).  During this week, you’ll gain the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully deploy paid advertisements on other popular platforms (such as Bing or LinkedIn).

Week 8 – Implementing The System

I’ve mentioned a few times in this article about your profession or niche.  This week is where you will decide which niche is the one that you want partake in.  The decisions that you make during this week of training are more important that you’re probably currently able to fully appreciate (after the training class, it will be crystal clear to you…).  Think of it this way, you’ll be choosing what will ultimately become your own “brand” within your own area of expertise.  When you get here, you’ll be fully equipped to make this important decision.

Additional Resources and Support

When you purchase the Super Affiliate System, you not only receive the Internet Jetset training program and the incredible information that I just went through, you also gain access the these extremely valuable resources:

  • Buyers Data for Targeting – This information is invaluable because you will start out with a list of buyers that you can utilize on the major platforms, such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube.  This list allows you to have a jump start on your Affiliate Marketing campaign because you don’t have to grow your own contact list (which takes lots of time via a very successful website or blog).  The cost of your own website combined with the time it would take to generate a list of this type is far more expensive to attain than the $997 that this course cost.
  • Pre-built Ad Swipe Files – This bundle of pre-built ads takes the guess work out of creating your own.  This set of ads has already been tested and proven which gives your initial advertising campaigns a huge jump start.  There is no guess work or research required, you just have to deploy them with the skills that you learned in the program.
  • Presell Pages – This is a set of pre-built, optimized pages that you can immediately deploy.  Like the other items in the list, the research, testing, etc. have already been done for you.  These pages are difficult to create on your own.
  • Affiliate Network Entry – By purchasing this program, you are given access to the most exclusive networks in existence.  These are high payout, high commission and high-converting offers that will be financially rewarding to you (for your Empire!).
  • Live Campaign Analysis Sessions Every Week – You read that correctly, you will have access to to the following EXCLUSIVE items:
    • Live webinars taught by John Crestani himself – every month!
    • The chance to have John Crestani PERSONALLY review your copywriting, marketing materials, etc. to ensure your success as an Affiliate Marketer.
    • Access to the entire JetsetLIVE archive of previous live webinars.
    • Current, real-world, up-to-date advice to help you promote your niche.

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Final Thoughts

This is where the ball rolls into your court.  This opportunity won’t always be available.  As with everything, times change, and great information sources do as well.  There aren’t many people like John Crestani who have taken the time to create a training class to enable others to achieve the level of success that he has.  Most people get obsessed with making more money and become increasingly protective of their methods.  Think about all of the wealthy people that you may know or those who are in the public eye and tell me which ones have taken the time to share the secrets their success.  Most people become way too inwardly focused to be able to open up and share their secrets with others.  This program isn’t just information, it is also a set of building blocks that have already been proven to work time and time again.  The icing on the cake is a chance to hear directly from John on a monthly basis.

Thank you for making it this far…!  I know it took courage and commitment.

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