The Ultimate German Shepherd Tool – The Furminator

The Ultimate German Shepherd Tool – The Furminator
Brushing my German Shepherd with The Furminator

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Do German Shepherds Shed?

I want to laugh as I typed that question.  Not only do German Shepherds shed, but they shed a lot.  Everyone who owns one of these amazing animals is WELL aware of this fact, but there is hope.  I have tried several different grooming tools for my GSD (her name Kimber).  Over the years, we have brushed her on a daily basis, but always have to vacuum our home every 3 or 4 days to keep up with all of her shedding.  The brushing helps in ways that you simply can’t imagine unless you just like to vacuum.  I searched all over Google for terms like “German Shepherd shedding brush” and “German Shepherd shedding tips” without finding anything except advertisements about the Furminator.  I am not one who is easily swayed by well crafted advertisements and/or reviews from various “top 10” websites.  As time passed, I kept using the inexpensive dog brush and regularly vacuuming my home.

What Changed My Mind?

After balking at the price tag of the Furminator for several years, I came home one day to find that my wife had purchased one.  Before I said anything, I carefully listened to her testimony about the HUGE amount of hair that she got off of Kimber after 15 minutes of brushing.  She showed me the evidence in the garage trash can (there was enough fur in the trash can to build a small dog).  I also took a close look at Kimber and was very surprised at how smooth her coat looked.  I immediately became a fan.  I had planned to write my daily blog post about more carpentry tools, but decided to write about this instead.

Make Your Move

Perhaps you don’t have a GSD like Kimber, but have another breed of dog that really sheds.  After all that extra brushing and vacuuming that I have been doing for all of these years, I regret that I didn’t make this purchase sooner.  This proved to me that sometimes, the commercials and advertisements are actually true.  In this case, the Furminator is worth every penny it costs.  The featured image on this post was taken today as I was testing out our new toy.  Click Here to check out the Furminator.

One more thing…

For those pesky vacuuming tasks, I have tried several different vacuums, but one stands out and has become my favorite (yes, I know a man with a favorite vacuum…I like my home to be clean).  The Shark Rocket is awesome…plain and simple.  We use it for our steps, for our cars, and to capture all of the GSD hair balls that seem to collect in the corners of our home (especially in places where Kimber likes to hang out).  Click Here to check out the Shark Rocket.

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