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[Ranger] AIX2 Custom Maps

This page contains the instructions needed to download and install the custom AIX2 maps that are currently running on the [Ranger] Clan BF2 Co-op server.

-[Ranger]_Sgt_Duke, 01-02-2022

BF2 Map Download Links

Right-Click on the map download link that is above and choose “Save Link As” (depending on the browser that you are using the description may vary slightly).  Some browsers, in accordance with the default settings, will place all downloaded files in your Downloads folder that is part of default Windows installation (you can find the folder in the navigation pane on the left when you have a window open). 

Once you have found the *.zip file that you downloaded, Right-Click on it and navigate the your 7-zip menu item and choose “Extract Here” (If you don’t have 7-zip installed, click here to visit their website so you can install it).  After this step a folder will appear that has the same name as the *.zip file that you downloaded.

Right-Click on the folder and choose Cut.  This will allow you to move the folder to a new location without leaving it behind.

Using the Windows Explorer and navigate to the following path (click on each folder):


Program Files (x86)

EA Games

Battlefield 2




Once you are in the Levels folder, Right-Click and choose Paste and the new map is now installed.

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