To All Youth

To all Youth:

Water, power, food, clothing, medicine, vehicles, heating / cooling, homes, electronics, and everything else you utilize and/or consume requires skilled Journeyman to create. Your generation is responsible for ensuring the world that you live in continues to exist.

Hard work and years of dedication are required to learn how to be a contributing member of society. When we (the current group of people who are supplying you with everything) are dead and gone, you will not survive unless you learn how things work and where things come from.

The stores you visit, both in person and online, don’t create anything. Many of you have been raised and educated within a broken system that has left you without the understanding of what enables a highly technical society like ours to continue to exist.

Everything is dependent on skilled people (blue collar, white collar, and every shade in between) who have dedicated their lives to a field of study. Some of us have spent decades learning our trade and working our way through college. Each day is a new opportunity to learn.

If you choose to sit back and hope that someone else is going to fill the HUGE gap in skilled labor that exists within America, you are wrong. We can survive on our own (hunting, fishing, DIY everything). Can you survive on your own? Can you imagine life without your phone?

We grew up in an era without phones, social media, and technology. My generation and those slightly before and after understand what it takes to survive. We love America, our families, our friends…and we fully understand how important they are to our survival.

The ease of access to everything that we’ve built has utterly ruined many of you. That old guy that you know who can fix anything was the norm when I was a kid. I aspired to be that guy and at 47, I’m still learning new things every day.

Another VERY important thing that many of you are missing is the fact that being a strong male who can defend his family and work all day without ceasing is awesome. I see so many young men who have twigs for arms…they look like they’ve never worked a day in their life.

We were created to work, not sit around scrolling through social media. God gave you an incredible mind and body that is capable of amazing things, but you have to flex your mind and your muscles to get them to perform as they were intended to.

Stand up. Engage. Figure out your gifts and passions and make the decision to MASTER your art…or if you’re like me, master several of them.


I ask, why not.

Go forth and conquer!



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