America – Chapter 1

How Did We Get Where We Are Today?

We are living in a period of history where our nation is deeply divided thanks to insane government policies that have slowly, but surely poisoned the minds of a large number of people.  I refer to these people as being asleep.  It amazes me that we have reached this point in our history, but we didn’t get here by accident.  The fact is, that liberal policies have destroyed many of our core foundations which had led to where we are today.  Our education system is completely broken which has led to a generation of poorly educated, misinformed, individuals who don’t understand the basic tenants of American history, politics, economics, math, reading, science, etc.  Basically, this ‘dumbing down’ of our society has created a large mass of easily controlled drones who’s primary focus is social media likes and whatever else they are doing on their cell phones (please get off your phone while driving!!!).  Those same policies have also destroyed the American family.  Without parents to guide children through their life leading up to adulthood, many people have turned to other avenues to get the support that they want and need.  Some of those avenues are extremely destructive in nature (just take a peek at Chicago’s crime rates, paying special attention to the age group that is actively slaughtering one another in the streets on a weekly basis…).  I get it, no one gets to choose their parents, skin-tone, birthplace, physical appearance, and many other facets of their life, but EVERYONE has the power to choose what they do with what they have been given.  The lack of a family support system combined with extreme liberal policies has oppressed people so deeply that they don’t realize that it is happening to them.  Just take a look at EVERY Democrat-Socialist controlled city in America.  They are ALL hell on earth.  If the aforementioned policies actually worked, those cities would be the utopias that all of the politician’s who push these ludicrous policies claim they are trying to create, but the facts say otherwise.  Just take a look around for yourself and you will clearly see what I am talking about.  The facts don’t lie.

To add insult to injury, our news media is nothing more than an extension of the Democrat-Socialist party (that’s what I refer to them as…in this era).  Even our beloved Fox News has started to fall prey to liberal insanity.  I would have never believed that we would EVER reach a point in our history where anti-Patriotism and anti-Americanism would be preached by an American political party, but it is happening today.  I still have moments of disbelief when I see my fellow Americans acting in ways that are foreign to everything that I believe in.  The ideas and concepts that make America what it is are under full assault by the left and their apparent absolute hatred for the American way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The Democrat-Socialist party is preaching hate on so many levels.  They hate our flag, free speech, guns, white people…especially males, Jesus, Christianity, marriage, 2 sexes…male and female ONLY, and anything else that makes up the inner-core of this nation.  Why?

Enter Donald J. Trump

Since the election of Donald J. Trump, the political left has gone completely insane.  Anything that Trump says is viciously attacked by the left.  Trump loves America and what it stands for.  He inspires others to be patriotic…as he is a patriot himself.  Since his sharp rise in popularity, the Democrat-Socialist party has decided that the only way to oppose him is to be the complete opposite…while accusing Trump of doing EXACTLY what they are doing.  Russia collusion, anti-Americanism, Ukraine collusion, etc. are all things that the Democrat-Socialist party is guilty of.  I mean come on, Joe Biden didn’t know that his son Hunter was on that Ukrainian board?  If you believe that, you are clearly consuming too much #FakeNews.  Wake up, seek the truth and you will find a completely different set of facts that are in complete opposition to everything that you hear on CNN, MSNBC, and a host of other liberal propaganda machines.  Like I mentioned earlier, if you fell prey to the broken educational system and/or came from a family that is equally broken, this article might make your blood boil, but don’t let it.  Take a moment and seek the facts.  Seek alternate sources of information.  Do not blindly believe everything that the mainstream media is telling you.  Your President is not some racist, white-nationalist, moron who is going to take American off the proverbial cliff.  He cares deeply for this country.  He also cares deeply for ALL American citizens.  Do you realize that math is what allows the world to function?  Whether you do or not, look at the numbers that his policies have generated versus those of previous administrations.  The numbers don’t lie.  Our economy is on fire.  Unemployment is at a historical low.

Where Are We Headed?

We are at yet another crossroads in our history.  The last time we peeked over this cliff was during our Civil War.  Americans are on the edge.  Friends, neighbors, family members, and the like are deeply divided between Trump supporters and those who oppose him.  If you are in the latter category, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you feel that way?  I can tell you why, but you will most-likely reject it.  The mainstream media wants you to feel that way.  You are continuously fed a large amount of hate filled rhetoric all of which is finely tuned to cause the feelings that you are experiencing.  I pray that you will seek facts and ignore talking points.  The truth, as they say, will set you free from so many enslaving entities that are weighing you down and keeping you oppressed.  The real question is this…what are you going to do about it?



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