Why Is The American Family Broken?

You’ve probably read about and/or heard discussions about the American family being under attack by liberal policies for some time now.  We have reached a point in our history where the insane liberal agenda to undermine everything that America stands for is no longer being hidden from us.  In fact, ever since Donald J. Trump was elected as the President of the United States, the liberal left has been completely exposed for the socialist maniacs that they truly are.  The crazy part is that they aren’t hiding it or taking a step back; if anything, they are more emboldened than ever to go against anything and everything that makes America the awesome country that it is.  One of the many areas that are under constant assault is the American family.  Liberals realized long ago that if they can corrupt the hearts and minds of young Americans long before they are old enough to make their own decisions and form their own political opinions, that there is a chance that they can actually succeed at pushing their sickening agenda.  There are several factors that led to this tragedy.  One of the major factors is the over-sexualization of every type of media in our society.  This was compounded by the explosion of the internet which paved the way to a huge number of destroyed marriages thanks to pornography and the ability for the most shy people in our society to enter into “no strings attached” relationships with others who are just like them.  As soon as this trend began, the liberal left immediately jumped to push the idea that these acts are perfectly normal.  And…it didn’t stop there, the homosexual agenda is also being pressed upon the American people as something that is completely normal.  What started out as a bunch of “T&A” regularly being pumped into homes all across this nation combined with easy access to hardcore pornography, led straight to where we are today.  We live in a time when there are very successful websites that are completely dedicated to connecting married men and women together for the purpose of having sexual encounters (just a short time ago, that would have sounded crazy!).  Humanity is inherently sinful.  We are born that way, but when we are inundated with hyper-sexuality, we easily fall prey to its darkness.  There are many men and women who started out by viewing this material, who would have never even thought of cheating on their spouse, that ended up ruining their marriage because their desires for the type of sex that they were watching on the TV and/or the internet drove them to want that same type of sex with people outside of their marriage.  Many people would stop at the ‘desire to act’ point, but the internet has provided easy access to willing partners who also want the same thing.  The results have been disastrous.  Who do you think is the most affected by this sinful breakdown of so many marriages?  The children…period.

Sadly, American children are also exposed to all of the sex that is in our culture which leads them to start having it at a much younger age than they otherwise would have.  In many cases, they choose to live out their most impressionable years having sex with multiple partners which, for some, never ends.  They grow up unable to stay faithful to any one person because of the ingrained desire to have more and more sex with others.  The family unit has been deeply eroded by this darkness that has entered into our culture.  Children are steadily being born, but marriages are either short lived or don’t ever take place.  This cycle has led to a huge increase in single parent households where the mothers are the primary parent.  Young men and women need two VERY important things in their lives, a strong masculine influence and a strong feminine influence to aide in their emotional development.  The rise in homosexual activity is directly attributed to the lack of one parent or another, sexual abuse, or in so many cases…both.  I know someone quite well who came from this type of upbringing and they chose the homosexual path.  I want to make something VERY CLEAR.  Homosexuality is no different than any other sin that everyone commits.  What I am saying is that my sins are equal to the sins of everyone else.  I am in NO WAY prejudice or discriminatory towards anyone who struggles with anything, including homosexuality.  But, and this is a big but…I do not believe that we should embrace this sin or any other.  I do not believe that we should act like it is normal because it is absolutely not.  God created men and women to be together, no other combination is normal.  We are created to mesh together physically and emotionally.  The bottom line is that men and women were created with specific attributes and differences that make them ideal partners.

So where are we?  Let’s also state a few obvious facts that are critical to consider when thinking through this complicated problem.  No one gets to choose their parents, where they are born, what they look like, their sex, etc.  Let’s face it, some children are born into homes where they are abused by over-sexualized parents, step-parents, and other friends/family members who are also suffering from the same issues.  There is no excuse for any of these actions, but they are yet another factor that is completely destroying the American family.  I have read other articles that focused on other areas of influence that have been contributed to this plague that we are suffering through, but the real problem that many people don’t want to talk about, is this one (sex).  Of course, other factors also come into play.  The dumbing down of and propagandizing of our educational system is also a huge factor, but I will address that in another post.

How Can We Fight This Plague?

The answer is quite simple, but the process is just as hard or harder than breaking out of drug addiction.  The answer is to remove the items of temptation out of your reach.  Stop watching movies with gratuitous sex scenes, stop watching porn (if you do), stop staring at every member of the opposite sex that your find attractive and fantasizing about having sex with them.  Stop masturbating to the thoughts and images of everything I just mentioned.  Teach your children, as part of their sexual education, that these things are wrong and that they will absolutely destroy your life if you choose to give into them.  Stand firm and resist the sexual temptation that is constantly pushed as normalcy by the lunatics on the left.  Accept what has happened to our culture and take action against it.

Break The Cycle

As I previously stated, you didn’t get to choose anything about how, where, and by whom you were born, but you do have the free will to break the cycle into which you were born.  You alone have the ability to choose which path you take.  You can choose to stay faithful to one partner for your entire life.  You can choose not to treat your children as you were treated.  You can make a difference, but you must fight hard to break the cycle.  What are you waiting for?



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