What Is Wrong With The American Educational System?

Take a look around you, with minimal effort, and you will see a slew of young Americans acting out towards anyone who they don’t agree with (Antifa is a great example of this type of behavior).  ‘Acting out’ is a nice way of saying verbally and physically abusing anyone who they deem a threat to their ideological insanity that has been poured into their minds by a propagandized educational system right here at home in the United States of America.  How have we reached this point in our history where Americans are so divided and filled with hatred towards each other that they have resorted to violence, abuse, bullying, doxxing, etc.?  What drives someone to attack another person because they don’t agree with them politically?  The answer is one the tenants of Nazism (or National Socialism) that teaches people to hate and reject anyone who doesn’t completely align with their ideology.  The Nazis were famous for this type of mentality.  They viewed everyone else as sub-human and unworthy of living because they didn’t fit into their extremely narrow ideas about what it means to be an acceptable human.  The Democrat-Socialist party frequently refers to Conservative Republican Trump supporters a Nazis.  This is nothing but an attempt to take the focus off of the real Nazis in America who are none other than the members of the Democrat-Socialist party (there are no longer Democrats, their actions completely prove this fact).  Over a long period of time, liberals have infiltrated the American educational system.  They have taken control of the policies and, where possible, have gained positions of influence over the content of the curriculum.  They’ve also hired a ton of liberal teachers who are bent on forcing their opinions upon their students, many of whom don’t have the adequate support structure to be able to refute the insanity that they are being taught.  What that means in English is that they don’t have anyone at home pouring facts into their minds which would give them the ability to see through the lies that they are being sold.  As time has passed by, this infiltration has created a generation of young adults who are socialist by nature.  They don’t know American history and what little history they have been taught is filled with fallacies that align with the lies that they were taught in school.  This problem doesn’t end with K-12 schools either; colleges are as bad or worse.  Liberalism is so strong in some colleges that conservative students have to hide their views to even be able to graduate.   Yes, that is what I said, they will not be able to pass the classes they are enrolled in if they allow their professors to know what they really believe.

Yes, that is what I said, they will not be able to pass the classes they are enrolled in if they allow their professors to know what they really believe.

Accurate American history isn’t the only thing lacking in the current curriculum, students aren’t taught economics, government, or ethics.  How can we expect young Americans to properly function in society if they don’t know who they are, where they came from, what they have (as American citizens), where anything comes from, or how to be successful in the most awesome country on planet Earth?  The sad truth is that many of them can’t function at all.  They have been so infused with PC culture that they can’t handle the slightest struggles that are part of everyone’s life.  Nothing in life is free and nothing comes easy.  There are young Americans who have no idea where anything they consume comes from nor any idea or means to produce it for themselves.  If we ever suffer a breakdown of basic social services in America, this generation that I am talking about will either starve to death and/or resort to cannibalism.  That may sound extreme, but it is true.  Take a moment and ask a few people under 30 if they are able to fend for themselves (hunt, fish, grow crops, etc.) and see what their answer is.  I swear I think some of these kids think Wal-Mart grows the food that they eat and ‘auto-magically’ produces the items that they purchase from there.

How Can We Fight This?

The direct answer to this problem is to Home School your children, but I fully realize that is not possible for many Americans who are living in a continuous financial crisis thanks to the insane liberal policies that have been put in place where they live.  That is a topic for another article, but accept this fact…Democrat-Socialist policies are forcing many Americans into poverty.  These policies are destroying the middle class and creating a massive divide between the upper class the those who are struggling to make ends meet.  I refuse to call anyone lower class.  We are all Americans and we are all in this fight together.  Back to education…

Since Home School isn’t an option for many Americans, we have a couple of options that can be used to fight the liberal agenda.  The first one is to educate your children at home by pouring facts into their young minds.  These facts will give them the ability to discern the insane information that they will receive when they are at school.  Explain to them what to expect when they are at school.  Tell them the truth and give them examples of the types of things that they will be told.  Ensure that your relationship with them allows for open communication at home so they can come home after having to write a paper about ‘Orange Man Bad’ and be able to discuss it with you.  Conservatism and freedom are extremely rewarding concepts that enable young minds to thrive.  Socialism does just the opposite; it crushes those who are subjected to it.  The second thing that you can do to fight this plague is to vote in every single election.  I also recommend that you encourage your closest friends and relatives to do the same.  If they are resistant to voting, take time to educate them as to why it is so important.  Share facts with them that clearly show the differences in Republican versus Democrat policies.  Compare the economy and unemployment under Trump to that of Obama.  A third solution is to get involved in your local government, school board, etc. and express your conservative views, but this is not a viable solution for everyone.

Free Online Resources

As part of your at home education, I highly recommend that you use these two resources to educate yourself and your children:

The Heritage Foundation  <–“The mission of The Heritage Foundation is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense. ”

Hillsdale College  <–they have free online classes….check it out!



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