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Battlefield 2 [Ranger] Sniper Mod

Yes, I know that BF2 is a bit old, but it’s one of my favorite PC games ever.  I still run a BF2 server with the AIX mod on it from my home.  It is currently setup in Co-op mode and gets a surprising amount of players on a regular basis.  There are a tons of BF2 mods out there.  Many of them are available to be downloaded from Mod DB (Click Here to Visit MOD DB).

History of my BF2 Sniper Mod

I created this mod several years ago and recently ‘revived’ it.  It is all about sniping in BF2.  The Sniper, Spec-Ops, and Assault all have the same kit with different weapons.  The Medic, Anti-tank, and Support all have Sniper rifles with their usual kit.  That allows for people to be healed/revived, vehicles to be destroyed, and ammunition to be replenished.  All pistols are silenced.  All Sniper rifles are 1 shot 1 kill regardless of the hit-box location.  All pistols inflict 50% damage to ensure that a double-tap scores a kill.  Enjoy!  You Can Download Here

-[Ranger]_Sgt_Duke, 10-13-2018

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Got BF2Hub?

In order to play BF2, assuming you have a copy of the game, you will need to go the BF2Hub and follow the instructions on how get back into this classic game.  BF2Hub can be accessed by Clicking Here.



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